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Spend Management, Administrative Support Systems

ER Technologies, Inc., designs and hosts Spend Management, Administrative Support Systems

that replace manual tasks with less expensive, more efficient technology.


 e-Management Systems


          Purchasing Assistant
          Invoice Assistant
          Stock Room Assistant
          Facilities Assistant
           Work Order Assistant
          Contract Assistant
          IT Asset Assistant
           Records Retention

Enerprise Management System

ER Technologies
, Inc., Enterprise Management System provides senior financial administrators
the ability to view and exercise spend control over multiple, corporate support functions.


Enterprise Management System


                  Enterprise Manager

The Cost of Time

The cost of procurement includes the cost products AND the cost of time spent purchasing products and services.
ER Technologies Management Systems can eliminate 58% of the time spent during Purchase Order cycles.



                  Expense Analysis


ER technologies, e-Management Systems

 Designed to work in a corporate environment or offsite in corporate employee home offices.
In either location, all worksites are protected behind multiple firewalls designed to protect data.

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